Electronic Case Registration Form

This form must be used to register for an EDVA electronic case filng system (ECF) account. By submitting this registration form, you agree to abide by the requirements stated herein.

NOTE: Your ECF registration will not be processed until your completed ECF Certification form and copy of government issued photo id is received by the Clerk's Office.

Please do NOT re-register if you already have received an EDVA ECF login and password.

Pro hac attorneys are NOT eligible to register.

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*If U.S. Attorney's Office attorney, you must enter 99999 as Bar Number.

*If not a U.S. Attorney's Office attorney, enter your VA bar number here (must be 5 numeric characters)

*If you are an attorney not Admitted to the EDVA but are participating in MDL 2627, you must enter 88888 as Bar Number.

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By placing a check in the acceptance box below, I state that, as an officer of the Court, I agree to abide by all Court rules, orders, and policies and procedures governing the use of the electronic filing system. I also consent to receiving notice of filings pursuant to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure via the Court’s electronic filing system. The combination of login and password will serve as my official signature when I file documents in the system. I must protect the security of my password. If I believe that my password has been compromised, I must immediately notify the Court and must apply for a new password using the Forgotten Password link on the CM/ECF section of the EDVA Internet site.

: You will not receive Notices of Electronic Filing (NEFs) from our Court if your e-mail filtering software blocks transmission from our CM/ECF address -- cmecf@vaed.uscourts.gov. We will turn off your electronic noticing until any filter blocking issue is resolved.

I accept the above rules and guidelines. (If you do not check this box, your application will not be submitted)